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    Thanks a lot for the support videos from gaming industry!

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    Igarashi Koji

    Producer of 《Bloodstained: Ritual of the night》

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    CRIWARE+Noriyuki Iwadare+Kotera Kanako

    《Langrisser》Composer+《Sora No Kiseki》Singer

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    Pawel Miechowski -11 bit Studio

    Developer of《This War of Mine》&《Frost Punk》

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    Mr. Crow -Rusty Lake

    Developer of 《Rusty Lake》

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    Thank you to all participating developers!

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  • Donate to Show Your Support

    Thank you for showing solidarity for Wuhan!

    International donations will be accepted through Paypal,

    all proceeds will be arranged to be donated directly to Tongji Hospital in Wuhan to support COVID-19 relief

  • Selection of Game Jam Entries

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    You will fight the virus as a young doctor who gave supports in this game, during the process you realize that the defeat of virus requires supports and efforts from all society.

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    The game tells about a pair of ordinary couple spend a day in the current outbreak of their duties.

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    Cocoya Team

    You will act as an healthy Monitor in public to check if all citizens are wearing the Mask right, correct them to protect their health and prevent virus from spreading.

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    Solo Warrior

    In this puzzle game you will need to break all rumors which bring wrong information and create negative emotion.

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    Dreampunk Helix

    More masks are required! URGENT! Let's make masks together and send to necessary crowds! We (2 developers) made this mini click game from zero in 10 days hoping to give supports to Wuhan!

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    Magical Tower

    Most people have to stay at home recently with anxiousness and fear, we made this game based on our own experience passing the 1st 14 days during the virus situation.

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    You will act as an epidemic Inspector during the virus situation to check and give the right solution.

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    Zhongse Tech

    This game got inspired by the doctor soilders who fight on the front line, many of their families were harmed during the virus situation, these doctors had been acting as heros in harm's way.

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    Begging Maid

    Use limited needles and lines to isolate the virus, prevent the healthy puppets from being finfected.

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    Pink Bear

    This is a simulation game to manage a residental community during the virus situation, you will need to handle with various of problems to ensure the community stay calm and healthy.

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    Winterflu & Friends

    We hope players can feel the strong determination of Chinese people against the virus situation, thanks a lot to the heros fighting on the front line, this is from you!

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    Glacier Game

    How will you act as a normal citizen to live in a city with virus around to protect your family and yourself till the virus situation over?

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    The initial idea is to make a game with RPG and shooting, a capsule is searching virus in human body, every time it passes an organ will lead to a boss fight, you will need to control the capsule to attack virus while absorbing the infected cell.

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    We made this game during GGJ 2020 then make opitimization to the UI and operation, it is a war between cell and virus, you will need to place the cell right to fight with virus aiming to repair the wound, hope we will win the virus war in Wuhan soon!

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    A young man truned up at a police office in Liuan, Anhui, he placed 500 masks there and ran away to support the virus situation, we got inspired by this and made this game. We hope more people could deliver their kindness and help to against the virus situation.

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    L Fish

    We can see that many deliver men insist on transporting necessary materials to support hospital and doctors with risk during virus situation in Wuhan, in this game you will act as a deliver man to find the lost doctor in this city while solve problems for the people you met.

  • As you might already know, people all across China are doing their best to overcome the dangerous 2019-nCoV Coronavirus outbreak. We stand united together with the world in the hopes of defeating this epidemic threatening humanity.


    Over the past weeks the Coronavirus has had a far-reaching impact on the livelihood of citizens, communities, industries and economy locally and world-wide. Even as we speak, medical teams, relief workers and many others are fighting tirelessly on the frontlines to prevent more tragedies and protecting those in danger.


    While ‘Plague, Inc’ returned to top of the charts offering gamers some relief in the form of black humour, we await with bated breath day by day following each new development. As game developers we couldn’t help but wonder how we can contribute to bring hope, inspiration and support through the unique medium of Video Games.


    Thus, we have raised our hands in unison to create ‘Gaming Spirit Bomb’ - a 10 day global game jam that will combine our energy for good. The purpose is to provide insight into different perspectives and experiences through themes such as “Infection Prevention and Crisis Control”, “Self-protection and Mental health”, “Pressures medical workers face”, “Economy and social order”, “Crisis management”, “Fake news and Misinformation” ,“Unfair Discrimination” etc.


    We hope through this initiative we can create engaging interactive experiences to help people gain a better understanding of the current situation as well as how to prepare for future public health emergencies. Of course, another key purpose is to provide hope, relief and encouragement for the people of China, especially those working on the front-line as well as those suffering from the virus.

    All game demos made for this event will be made available online as a free download, not for commercial use. A donation option will be made available for players to pledge their support, with all proceeds going directly to Wuhan - the main city suffering from Coronavirus. The money will directly go to Tongji Hospital Tongji Medical College of HUST (https://www.tjh.com.cn). Our friends at NEKCOM Entertainment based locally in Wuhan will personally facilitate the donation process to ensure full transparency and direct transfer. The hospital will also publicly provide records of the donation.



    As the name implies, by forming the biggest “Gaming Spirit Bomb” possible we hope to collect positive energy from all over the world in order to defeat the evil of the Coronavirus, please lend us your hand!


    • Classic online Game Jam rules - with the Coronavirus situation as the theme.
    • Complete a game demo and submit in 10 days: 10th Feb - 19th Feb, 2020 (You can submit your game any time during this period, no need to wait until the deadline)
    • Team or individual submissions all acceptable, no limits to team size.
    • No specific requirements on platforms or game engines
    • The event purpose is to provide insight into different perspectives and experiences through themes such as “Infection Prevention and Crisis Control”, “Self-protection and Mental health”, “Pressures medical workers face”, “Economy and social order”, “Crisis management”, “Fake news and Misinformation” ,“Unfair Discrimination” etc.
    • We hope to bring hope and encouragement to those suffering from the virus.
    • We discourage any negative expressions or offensive satirical content, please understand that our goal is to bring positivity to those who are suffering.
    • Please do not feature political commentary, excessive violence or sexual content.
    • Developers shall be responsible for all copyrights related to their submitted game demo and solely liable for any potential copyright disputes and infringements.
    • By participating in the Gaming Spirit Bomb Jam, developers give CiGA and it's affiliates permission to share and distribute the game demo for charitable purposes of supporting relief for Wuhan Coronavirus.  CiGA and it's affiliates claim no copyright or ownership of the game demo (including code, assets, executables).



    For Jammers outside of China please provide the following information and game demo executable in the form of a zipped file and upload to https://www.dropbox.com/request/ZcBLh4GfcykfyyfKUffr


    Required Information:

    • Team/ individual name
    • Number of members in the team (if applicable)
    • Game Title
    • Target platform and game engine used
    • Description of your game, background, idea, how to play
    • Words you would like to express to Chinese game devs and people of China
    • You can record a video to show how to play your game, either a screen recording or live demonstration are both acceptable, please also place this together in the zip file uploaded.
    • Photo of your team/individual (Optional)
    • Name the zip file: "Team name + Game name + Country"
    • We also encourage you to create a Support Video: Show your Solidarity for China (see info below)

    As part of the upcoming Spirit Bomb Game Jam fundraising support for the Coronavirus outbreak in China, we'd love for game devs around the world to join us in sending words of hope and support. You do not have to be a participant of the game jam to qualify - your words of support are enough!


    Please create a short video and upload it to: https://www.dropbox.com/request/9QbogAdc8HzpMFweEtdA by 18th February. Your video will be featured on our Spirit Bomb Game Jam playlist on Bilibili.com for the wider public in China to view.



    Video Specifications:

    • Suggested video length 2-5 mins.
    • English or Chinese is preferred, you are welcome to use your native language, however a translation will be needed in order to create subtitles.
    • Please begin the video with a short introduction of yourself/ your team to let people learn about yourself and your games.
    • It would be great if you can share a story or experience you think would be suitable for the current situation. Words of encouragement or experience shared with developers participating in the game jam is optional.
    • It would be much appreciated if you could end the video with our event slogan: "Be Strong, China!" and conclude with a key art featuring the "Be Strong, China!" text + elements from your game. (Please also send this key art as an image file too if you can)
    • Please do not feature political commentary during the video. The purpose of this initiative is to bring hope and encouragement in this time of turmoil. Our goal is to unite everyone around the world in the spirit of overcoming the Coronavirus through the unique interactive medium of games.


    Please create the video in 16:9 aspect ratio, Mp4 format and in good resolution.


    Please name the video file (or if you’re including any other material, group as a zip file) in this format: "Studio/Company name + your name + Country"


    Upload to https://www.dropbox.com/request/9QbogAdc8HzpMFweEtdA by 18th February

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