• Founded in 2015, the China Independent Game Alliance (CIGA) is by far the largest independent game organization in China; running various independent game related events throughout the year with the greatest amount of influence in China. CIGA has built a strong network of resources to support independent game developers in investment, incubation, development, publishing, marketing, communication, and more.



    CiGA has an open communicative and cooperative relationship with many international game development organizations, game industry associations, international game industry events and developer groups. We actively promote a cooperative environment and exchange between the Chinese game industry and the international game market. This is primarily to help the overseas game organizations and enterprises to develop cooperative ventures and products in China.



  • Carrying out events in 8-10 cities in China at the same time

    Involving over 5000 developers and producing over 500+ game demos each year

    Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the world's largest 48hrs Game development hackathon. It focuses on creative development in the Gaming field and encourages people who are passionate about Game development ti gather and brainstorm. This allows people in many fields to share experiences and express themselves through Game creation.

    CIGA will continue to assist GGJ in their Chinese operations, and will create more events in many cities across the country to participate in the international development carnival.

    CiGA Game Jam (CGJ ) Ciga Game Jam is the largest Game development hackathon in the Chinese Game industry. This also has a focus on creative development in the Gaming field for people with a passion for Game development. The key difference is that this helps us develop ideas and new experiences for a game‘s development process over a weekend. This includes programming, interactive design, narrative exploration, and art design; all completed in 48 hours. CGJ actively encourages people to participate in this global interactive exploration of game development.

  • indiePlay is organized by CiGA, with the goal of discovering and presenting high quality games and game related activities every year. The event is targeted at product platforms, which includes: PC, console, mobile and VR. We have also set up overseas awards for international games since 2017.

    Each year, indiePlay collects more than 200 games and gives out awards, with 4-5 finalists for each category; such as CIGA‘s Game Jam award. all finalists will get exhibited on WePlay Expo, and the final winner list will be announced at the indiePlay Awards Ceremony on the final programmed event of WePlay.


  • CiGA Connects is the B2B event brand of CIGA. Based on the high-quality content, represented by independent, innovative and creative games, CIGA aims to build a convenient and high-quality platform for the exhibition and communication of industry related resources at home and abroad. Its predecessor held industry workshop in different cities, covering more than 3,000 developers in China. In the future, CiGA Connects will continue being on the ground to give exhibitions and host experience sharing for developers to gather and exchange ideas. We also plan to continue the annual CiGADC and WePlay events with an expanded and more convenient B2B space. An emphasis will be to provide greater interactive events for developing ideal connections and introductions to a collection of entrepreneurial resources from home and abroad.


  • CiGA Developer Conference (CIGADC) is a conference organized by CiGA for game developers and game industry practitioners that covers design, vision, programming, narrative, platform, marketing and more. Including game launch. Guests from all over the world always have rich experience or have given unique contributions in the field.

    In concert with the conference, a B2B exhibition and negotiation area will be set up in the venue to facilitate sharing within the industry. They can show their projects, services and opportunities for cooperation to their desired crowd.

    We are confident that CiGADC will provide true value and unique information and opportunities for everyone who is serious about the gaming industry.

  • WePlay is the event where you can play games all the time with a fresh perspective you might have never had before. It has been organized by TOMO since 2017.

    All types of platform games are present, with high quality cultural content and experience gathered from all over the world.

    We also create a fantastic event directly for the newest generation who enjoys multi-platform games; such as console games, computer games, mobile games and board games. This includes unique experiences, such as themed immersion, guest activities, dimensional culture, pop art, merchandise, etc.

  • 15000+ Attendance

    11m+ Online live Streaming (Huya)

    200+ Exhibitors

    3m+ Bilibili uploader live broadcast view

    300+ Games

    22m+ Related topics on Weibo

    100+ Domestic& foreign media/influencers

    13k+ Weibo related topics interaction

  • Organized by the Polish embassy Cultural Office in China and co-organized by Game Music Fundation, CiGA, Indie Games Poland Foundation and Shanghai Tomo.

    The concert focused on game music of the Polish hit game series "The Wizard", and combined the game music of other high-quality global pop games from Poland, such as "Frostpunk” to carry out a high-grade symphony concert.

    The event received strong support from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, and was also one of the important activities marking the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Poland.

  • Special Partner of Indie Game Promotion

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